Stickman War Online Game

7.8435 ratings

Are you ready to practice your marksmanship for a bit? Then, welcome to the game Stickman War. Henry Stickman got a secret mission. He had to sneak into a secret terrorist base. The villains are preparing an assassination attempt on the city. They must be destroyed to avoid disaster and millions of innocent victims. Stickman picks up his sniper rifle and goes on a mission.

Enemy stickmen will run in panic across the playing field, and your task is not to let any of them escape. It is necessary to shoot every terrorist that appears on the screen. Your agility, speed, and accuracy will help you with this. Try not to miss a single enemy. If nevertheless, a couple of bandits manage to escape, then you will be awarded two or one stars instead of three. But can the legendary sniper Henry Stickman fail and leave at least one villain alive? This will not happen! The enemy will be defeated, and you will become a real hero. Good luck!