Bob The Robber 4 Russia


Bob The Robber 4 Russia Online Game

8.1433 ratings

Bob The Robber is out on the hunt for money again! The police have nightmares about this little thief. He cannot be caught in any way and all bankers and collectors tremble with horror for their money and expensive trinkets.

In the game Bob the Robber 4: Russia, you try on the robes of a thief and go on a mission. First of all, when you find yourself in Russia, you need to steal an old matryoshka from the cache of one of the richest collectors. Even for such a hardened robber, it will not be easy. Therefore, Bob will need your help. You need to go past guards and security cameras to get the door code and disable the laser security system. After the alarm goes off, after a short period of time a detective will arrive at the crime scene and you should never run into him. Try to steal the matryoshka and go to the indicated place. At each level, you will steal new things and money. for this money, you can buy a new suit or irreplaceable gadgets for your craft.

Enjoy your game and good luck!